Monday, April 29, 2013

Minneapolis Bathroom Pics!

A lot of unseen  art goes down in the bathroom!
Let's start off the season with a classic Southside spot. BRYANT LAKE BOWL!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phantom hair syndrome

It's so weird not having my hair after 15 years. I woke up this morning a little early with the typical buffer I need to do something with my "do".  I forgot how care free and spontaneous it is to have short hair. Just get up and go! "Long hair don't care" but short hair don't give a fuck!  I'll miss things like the freshness of some braids or the compliments about "butters" but most of all, my girl taking my hair down and giving me the extended head scratches that often put me to sleep....Mmmmm...yup gonna miss that for sure.

Just getting started =)

 Its been a long time coming I guess. Starting a blog. Everyone has always accused me of running my mouth, talking too much,"putting my business in the streets" too much. Well fuck that I got shit I need to talk about! Ya feel me?
Knowing a whole bunch of useless information can have its benefits! It makes for great small talk during those inevitable awkward moments. So have no fear, with the shear amount of crass material and my warped sense of humor, we'll never have a dull moment =) Matter a fact lets take a quick break while I get familiar with some of these controls....

Ok, that worked I think

How about This!
Yup, that worked too, cool
Hopefully I can keep this blog updated and current =)